A new world of materials for Analytical Chemistry

Development of smart materials for sample preparation and separation techniques with enhanced characteristics

Check out our lastest contribution pusblished in Analytica Chimica Acta @ElsevierConnect in collaboration with prof. Armenta (@SolinDrugs) and prof. Amor贸s. 馃帀
This contribution is based on the use of MOF (NH2-UiO-66) for drug monitoring in oral fluids.


Estamos contentos de anunciar nuestra participaci贸n en un proyecto concedido por la Agencia Valenciana de la Innovaci贸n (AVI) centrado en el control microbiol贸gico de aguas.

Ref: INNEST/2022/299

Colaboraci贸n: #Cuina_UPV y @Emivasa_oficial


Michelini鈥檚 group at @Ciamician_unibo and CLECEM research group at @UV_EG reported a novel metal organic framework-luciferase nanocomposite for bioluminescence nanosensing.
Learn more: https://go.acs.org/3wd

-Different amino acids were used as organic linkers, being l-serine and l-methionine the best candidates

– Four antibiotic families were captured

-Good recyclability and recoveries were observed

-The MTV-MOF sorbent surpassed the benchmark material activated carbon

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