María José Fillol-Donat

Master Students - Analysis of proteins in milk by capillary electrophoresis

Álvaro Navarro-Frigols

Degree Student - Design of 3D supports for the determination of environmental pollutants

Ernest Simó-Ramírez

Collaborator Researcher

Marina Gallego-Corella

Degree Student - Selective materials in paper-base systems for the determination of alergenic proteins in food

Ignacio Solá-Ferrer

Degree Student - Use of 3D printed supports for the determination of emerging pollutants

Julia Aguirre-Camacho

Degree Student - Determination of microcystines in waters using 3D printing supports and selective materials

Karen Dajana Muñoz-Maldonado

Master Student - Laboratory stuff for preparation of sample treatment supports using selective materials

Paulo Aguado-Rodrigues

Master Students - Individual filters with MOFs for protection against chemical and biological war agents

Lara Nercessian

Master Student - Determination of antibiotics using fast diagnostics systems based on 3D printing

Jaime García-Caba

Master Student - Nanosensors and label sensors of low-cost for identification of chemical and biological war agents

Edward Charles Baker

Master Student - Separation of pesticides present in food using microfluidic platforms

Manel Feltrer-Montesiones

Collaborator Researcher