This project fits well within the thematic area “Pollution control and prevention“, being this area one of the environmental objectives of ecological transition included in EU regulation 2020/852. In particular, the strategies and methodologies here proposed are addressed to improve water quality inimizing/removing hazardous chemicals, which reduce their adverse impact on human health and environment. The improvements developed will also bring multiple benefits in aspects such as health improvement, food security, ecosystems integrity and biodiversity protection. Also, the proposed project will significantly contribute to other thematic area such as “circular economy”, promoting an efficient and sustainable use of resources in all stages of the project such as: i) green and sustainable preparation of MOFs and ii) use of recycled plastics or biodegradable 3D materials, which will minimize the waste generation (particularly, the production of plastics) and the use of harmful substances. Also, special emphasis is addressed to the reuse and recycling of the devices generated, including even the recyclability of individual materials present in these products. Besides, the project proposes tools and strategies of advancing towards sustainable water resource management that could be implemented in the water sector to achieve circularity between drinking water and wastewater resources.